Myco Wall Bracket Accessory

When fitting a Swivel Bather or bathboard, there has to be sufficient support from the bath to securely fit the product. In some instances, where the bath has been set into the wall, or if the wall has been tiled, the lip on the bath may not be wide enough to provide the required support.

The stainless steel Myco Wall Bracket is designed to support a Swivel Bather when the lip on the wall side of the bath is less than the recommended 1¼ inches (30mm).

When using a Swivel bather it needs at least 1¼ inches (30mm) of each arm of the base unit to rest on the bath sides.

The wall bracket is located so that it rests on the edge of the bath and is secured to the wall using suitable fixings. When fixing the wall bracket to the wall, the same considerations apply as for the fixing of grab rails.

The wall bracket is 560mm long, with an array of screw holes to allow a good fixing to the wall with appropriate fittings (screws & wall plugs not supplied) and the lip is 45mm wide.

The Myco Wall Bracket is constructed from epoxy coated stainless steel. The dimensions are 22″ x 3″ x 1.75″ (560mm x 80mm x 45mm).

Step 1 The Myco Wall Bracket

The Wall Bracket is designed to support a Swivel Bather™ when the lip on the wall side of a bath is too narrow (less than 1¼ inch 30mm). It is suitable for use with all Myco Swivel Bather models.

2. Fitting the wall bracket

The wall Bracket is attached to the wall as shown:

Fixings will depend on the wall constructions. Stainless steel fixings are recommended

Choose either the small or large holes in the bracket and attach the bracket to the wall using 6 fixings
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