Myco Corner Swivel Bather

Similar to the other Myco Swivel Bathers, but is designed to fit a corner bath.

The Swivel Bather is a turning bath seat that allows easy transfer over the bath. The user sits on the seat from the side of the bath and then swivels over the bath for a wash or shower. The comfortable seat provides back and arm support and is ideal for people who feel insecure on a bath board.

The Swivel Bather for Corner Baths rests on any corner bath. The base has extendable tubes which are easily adjusted to accommodate most corner baths. It is easily removed so that others can use the bath.

The Swivel Bather for corner baths is made up of two parts: A base frame which rests on the sides of the bath and a seating unit which rotates on the base. The two parts separate easily for handling or storage.

The seating unit has a plastic seat with small drainage holes and is easy to clean. The base frame has four arms which rest on the bath. Each of these has a non-slip rubber end- covering. There is also an adjustable positioning screw to prevent accidental slipping. At least 1¼” (30mm) of each arm must rest securely on each side of the bath.

The seat locks in both the transfer (facing the side) and the showering position (facing over the bath tub). The locking lever is on the right hand side of the seat but all models can be requested with the lever on the left hand side.

Extendable support tubes are separately adjusted to accommodate the shape of the bath. The extended tubes are kept in place by a single bolt and nut which will require a spanner to tighten. The supporting arms are adjustable from 810mm to 1200mm (32″ to 47″) and the bath must have appropriate flat surfaces for the support arms to rest on.

If the top edge of the bath is shaped with a cut-out in the outer wall to reduce the height of the wall you have to step over to enter the bath, it will not be possible to fit the Corner Bather. Similarly, if the top edge of the bath where it meets the wall has any shaped features, it may also prevent fitting the Corner Bather.

The seat height is 3½” (90mm) above the sides of the bath.

All metal parts are stainless steel.

Weight of base unit including extension tubes is 14.5 lbs (6.5kg). Suitable for users up to 23 stone (150Kg).

This model can also be used for very wide baths with a width greater than 32″ (810mm).

Weight rating: 150kg

Swivel Bather for Corner Baths | Instructions

Step 1 – Assemble the Base

close up of plastic end coversRemove the screws from the base frame tubes. Slide the two extension tubes into the base frame as shown. (Line up the twin holes in the extension tubes with the multiple holes in the base frame tube.)

Place the base frame over the bath with the plastic end covers resting on the front of the bath.


illustration of fittingISlide the extension tubes out so that the plastic ends rest on the back edge of the bath and touch the back walls. In selecting the most suitable position ensure that the front of the base frame and the ends of the extension tubes each have a minimum of 1¼” (30mm) resting on the sides of the bath.

Place the seating unit over the pin on the base frame and adjust the unit into the position required. Ensure that the seat rotates and the locking device engages without any obstruction. (Do not sit on the seat at this stage.)

Having now determined the correct length of the two extension tubes, remove the seating unit and align one of the twin holes in each extension tube with the nearest hole in the base frame. Insert the screw provided and secure with the nut with a spanner.

It is important that the screw is inserted from the outside of the frame so that the nut, which protrudes, is on the inside. The nut must be tightened until the end of the screw protrudes through the nut.

Step 2 – Fitting over the bath

illustration of partsCheck again that the unit fits safely over the bath. If required the base length can be adjusted by choosing a more suitable hole in the extension tube.

Replace the seating unit.

Adjust the positioning screw at the front of the base frame so that the black rubber end is just touching the inside of the bath.

The Swivel Bather is now ready for use.

Step 3 – Using the Swivel Bather

Swivel the seat to face the side of the bath and lock into position. The user can now be seated.

Unlock the seat by lifting the locking lever and transfer legs over the side of the bath.

Lock the seat while over the bath for extra security while washing or showering.

Maximum user weight is 20 stone (150kg)

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