Foldeasy Portable Toilet Frame

toilet-frame-2 Fold Easy Toilet Frame

The FoldEasy Portable Toilet Frame provides several unique features and is the first fully folding toilet frame in Australia.

Operated by two easy release mechanisms it folds in on itself making it fully portable. It can easily be placed in the boot of a car meaning that those who depend on it can now travel away and place it at the toilet that they will be using. This provides the user with a greater degree of independence.

The FoldEasy has a folding footplate that sits flush to the floor. When in use, the weight of the user standing on the footplate firmly holds the FoldEasy in place.

The FoldEasy has ergonomically designed arm rests which are at the optimum angle to aid the user to sit and stand with greater ease
and comfort. It is height adjustable making it suitable for all types of toilets. Weight limit up to 127kg.

Weight rating: 127kg (20 st)
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