Bathroom Products

  • Myco Ultra Swivel Bather Ultra Swivel Bather

    The Ultra Swivel Bather is the latest in our range of Swivel Bathers. Made of aluminium for corrosion resistance and longevity, it has an increased user weight rating of 160kg. ...

  • Foldeasy Portable Toilet Frame Folding toilet frame

    The FoldEasy Portable Toilet Frame is the first fully folding toilet frame in Australia. Two easy release mechanisms fold it in on itself making it fully portable.

  • Myco Standard Swivel Bather Standard Swivel Bather

    The Swivel Bather is a turning bath seat that allows easy transfer over the bath. The user sits on the seat from the side of the bath and then swivels ...

  • Myco Swivel Bather Adjustable Width Adjustable Width Swivel Bather

    The Adjustable Width Swivel Bather is a turning bath seat that allows easy transfer over the bath. The base frame can easily be adjusted to fit a range of bath ...

  • Myco Heavy Duty Adjustable Width Swivel Bather Adjustable Width Swivel Bather

    The Myco Heavy Duty Swivel Bather is made from Stainless Steel for additional strength and is weight rated to 160kg. The grey handles of the base frame can be turned ...

  • Myco Corner Swivel Bather Myco Corner Swivel Bather

    Similar to the other Myco Swivel Bathers, but is designed to fit a corner bath.

  • Myco Ultra Swivel Shower Chair swivel bather Shower chair for disabled bathers

    The Ultra Swivel shower Chair has the same seating unit as the Ultra Swivel Bather, but the seat fits onto a floor standing base unit suitable for showers.

  • Myco Wall Bracket Accessory Myco Swivel Bather Wall attach

    The stainless steel Myco Wall Bracket is designed to support a Swivel Bather when the lip on the wall side of the bath is less than the recommended 30mm.

  • Myco Seat Raiser Accessory Myco seat raiser for swivel bathers

    The Myco Seat Raiser increases the seat height to a more comfortable level. It is particularly useful when the Swivel Bather is used on a bath with low sides, or ...


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