Myco Seat Raiser Accessory

The Myco Seat Raiser increases the seat height to a more comfortable level. It is particularly useful when the Swivel Bather is used on a bath with low sides, or for taller users who find the seat too low.

For users with limited knee or hip mobility a raised seat allows easier transfer of legs over the side of the bath.

Three models are available:
The standard 3″ (75mm) model (MSR) and a 6″ (150mm) model (MSR6) can be fitted to all Swivel Bathers except the Ultra Swivel Bather &  Swivel Shower Chair.
The 4” model can only be fitted to the Ultra Swivel Bather & Ultra Swivel Shower Chair.

These can be attached to any Swivel Bather model. They are constructed using Stainless Steel and a white epoxy coating.

The Seat Raiser bolts onto any Swivel Bather base frame. Screws and self locking nuts are provided. (A pair of spanners is required to tighten the nuts.)

Note: Not suitable for use with other manufacturers products.

Myco Seat Raiser 3″ MSR
Max user Weight 20stone
Myco Seat Raiser 6″ MSR6
Max user Weight 20stone







Myco Seat Raiser| Instructions

Step 1

Place the Myco Seat Raiser over the central pin on the base of the Swivel Bather.

Step 2

Ensure that the holes in the base of the seat raiser line up with the holes in the Swivel Bather base.

Step 3

Using the bolts and nuts provided fix the seat raiser to the base. Tighten all four bolts using two spanners. (The bolts are self locking and require more pressure than hand-tightening can provide.)

Step 4

The seat of the Swivel Bather can then be placed over the new raised height pin and will operate in exactly the same way as the Swivel Bather without the device.

Note: This product is only suitable for use with a Myco Swivel Bather®. It is not safe to use with any other rotating bath seats.